The Wackness Official Movie Sountrack Mixtape

May 29, 2010


The Wackness was a movie that brought some sweet memories from back in the days. The movies top notch  soundtrack was full of NY hiphop. Really classic stuff from start credits to ending credits. There is couple of versions of the soundtrack going in the internet. The official movie soundtrack mixtape made by D-Nice and there’s also this so called “purple tape”. Both are containing classic NY hiphop tunes but the “purple tape” tracklist wasn’t excactly same than the tunes so I put here the D-Nice mix. And if you want to check out the “purple tape” go and hit the google with “Wackness purple tape” and you will find it. Big Shout outs to all the old JMSK hiphop heads. This one is for you guys!

The Wackness Official Movie Soundtrack Mixtape tracklisting:

1. Intro (Heath Brothers – Smiling Billy Suite)
2. Nas – One Love
3. The Notorious BIG – The What Feat. Method Man
4. Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side
5. A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It
6. KRS-One – I Can’t Wake Up
7. Stanley Turrentine – Sister Sanctified
8. BDP – My Philosophy
9. Black Moon – How Many Emcees
10. O.C. – Time’s Up
11. Craig Mack – Flavor In Ya Ears
12. Group Home – Supa Star
13. Biz Markie – Just A Friend
14. Freddie Scott – (You) Got What I Need
15. Wendy Rene – After Laughter (Comes Tears)
16. Wu-Tang Clan – Tearz
17. Ahmad Jamal Trio – I Love Music
18. Nas – The World Is Yours

Download here

or at dropbox


One comment

  1. You can find The Purple tape here: http://www.complex.com/blogs/2008/07/02/the-wackness-drops-a-%E2%80%9990s-rap-purple-tape/

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