M-za – Dub Evening Volume 2

July 27, 2010

I found this old dub-mixtape from my computer and I really like it right now. There is some faults in a mixing and that’s why this never got out before but now… well… sun is shinin’ too nicely to being too strict about these things.




Sir Larsie I – Forward ever Melodica cut
Sir Larsie I – Forward ever
The Black Seeds – Shazzy Dub
John Frum – January Dub
disrupt – Kozure Okami
BLONDET, Thomas – Dub Steppa feat SubAtomic Sound System
DIGITALDUBS & FRIENDS – 30 Head Man (feat Dubiterian)
DIGITALDUBS & FRIENDS – Fyah Bun Dem (feat Ranking Joe)
Radikal Dub Soundsystem – Dub Love
Gary Clunk – Roaring Babylon
king kietu – Put a dub version
Lord Hissayas – War Machine
Malone Rootikal – Dub Riot
Jaybird, Yong – Burnin’
S.y.n.k.r.o. – Jah Love
S.y.n.k.r.o. – Attack


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