M-za – High5 November 2010

December 14, 2010

I made a guest mix for Jukola’s High5 mixtape serie. Check that one out from Plauge’s blog – HERE.

And this is what is it all about…


When Jukola asked me to do a High5 guest mix I decided to do a little different kind of mix that I used to have done… I have been listening some soulful tunes a lot lately so here it is – a 5 tune mix with 5 soulsingers. All these tunes are new, retro style, funky breaks and all the artist have been a favorites of mine for quite a time now. Valique’s deep styles, Rephrase’s rollin’ drums and atmospheric synth’s/sax, John Turrell’s amazing style of singing and Max Sedgley’s bangin’ beats with D’Mour’s Jamiroquai-ish singing are really doing the thang for me. Listen and enjoy! -M-za

01 Valique – Out Of My Head (feat Sophie Ocran – Quasamodo Broken Disco remix)
02 The Snugs – Strugglin’ (feat Leag Symons) (Rephrase remix)
03 Rephrase – About That Time (feat Paula Baxter)
04 Soopasoul – Summer Sun (feat John Turrell)
05 Max Sedgley – Superstrong (feat Tasita D’Mour)

Listen/download straight from HERE.


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