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Groovy Goose snips from M-za

March 23, 2011

I just found some older recordings from the Groovy Goose nights from my computer so here comes some nice music for you!

From the first ever Groovy Goose I snipped out this short piece of groovy funk beats. New and old, originals and edits, here and there including Japanese funk, hits from Rufus Thomas, Willie Hutch etc…

M-za’s Funk set @ Groovy Goose Jan 23th 2010

Listen/Download HERE


This one is from second ever organized Goose where I played quite interesting set blending deep funky beats and some atmospheric HipHop treats. Gotta say that mixing is not so well that nowadays but there is definitely some really nice blends also – and tunes. Gotta take some of these ones with me to the next Groovy Goose which is going to be on MAYDAY!!

M-za’s Funk and HipHop set @ Groovy Goose March 6th 2010

Listen/Download HERE


And then comes some never stuff. This one is snipped out of the recordings from the last Groovy Goose (March 12th 2011) where we played quite a variety of music from finnish jazz to disco and deep house, and ofcourse these kinds of ethnic sounds.
So this one hour set is all about polyrhythmic afrobeat grooves from the 70’s with a touch of psychedelic rock sounds. These afrobeats and rocks are mostly from Nigeria but there is couple of tunes also from Brazil and India.

M-za’s Afro-beat/(psy)rock set @ Groovy Goose March 12th 2011

Listen/Download HERE


Remember also to check out the full night recordings from 2010 Halloween night’s Goose from HERE


M-za – Summer Funk 2009 series (Funky Breaks, NuFunk)

February 2, 2011

3 mixtapes that goes together like clued! The first part is chill out stuff, part 2 is gettin’ groovier and part 3 is already full of wild funky breaks. Enjoy!

Listen / Download




M-za – Summer Funk pt.1 (The Chill Part)

1. Bozoo Bajou – Under My Sensi (Thievery Corporation mix)
2. Flash Callahan – Do You Know the Truth
3. Quasamodo – Funk Off
4. Dr. Rubberfunk – Sunset Break Up
5. BMD – Mr. Funkman (Tal M. Klein remix)
6. Flow Dynamics – Just Expressing
7. BAdboe – Sound of Invasion
8. Röyksopp – Eple
9. Widdy – The Nodding Song

M-za – Summer Funk pt.2 (The Groovy Part)

10. BMD – On A Roll
11. Basement Freaks – Street Assassin (Rephrase remix)
12. Marc Hype/Jim Dunloop – Point Blank (AGFA remix)
13. DJ Stefunk – Back To The Groove (Jayl Funk remix)
14. Seductive Souls – Dazz (Instrumental)
15. Skeewiff – The Bone (Part One)
16. Flashbaxx – Jack Of All Trades
17. Umbo & Balatz – Dirty
18. Ikon – Breaking (AGFA remix)
19. Basement Freaks – Gupsy Breaks (Spark Arrester remix)
20. Mr. Scruff – Kalimba
21. Soopasoul – Soopasoul Theme
22. Skeewiff – Flute Toon
23. Valique – Long Journey (Coming To The End)

M-za – Summer Funk pt.3 (The Wild Part)

24. Kormac – Show Time (club mix)
25. Soopasoul – It’s Just Begun Pt.2
26. Mash/Munkee – Kodiac Jam (Badboe remix)
27. Skeewiff – Light The Fuse
28. Jayl Funk – Washed Car (LUC’s Shower shake mix)
29. Valique – Wine And Vinegar
30. Umbo & Balatz – Desert Case
31. South City Allstars – Yout Bump
32. DJ Kid Stretch – Pushin’
33. Omegaman – Disco Love
34. Telesfor – Twos (Busy Bees Boogie mix)
35. B-Team – Not Crazy
36. Umbo & Balatz – Destiny
37. Feature Cast – Chuck Berry
38. Kraak & Smaak – No Sun In The Sky (Infekto remix)
39. Skeewiff – A Little Spot of Soul
40. 6IX TOYS – Voodoo People


Groovy Goose’s Halloween

November 2, 2010

Been a while but here we come again. Here’s mine and DJ freeve’s Groovy Goose recordings from last saturday. Night was quite jazzy whole the time. Great stuff. Totaly unedited, just cutted in smaller pieces for easier listening for ipods etc.






for more Groovy Goose treats just search from the archieves 😉


Sounds from Ewan Hoozami

August 15, 2010

Here comes yet another chillout mixtape I have been diggin’ out on these lazy and maybe even too warm summer days. This time mixtape is from Ewan Hoozami, a guy who you should check out. Just got really dope track released by Big M productions and he also released a chillout triphop, downtempo EP called Mildebeats. Check it out here, it’s free 😉

And the mixtape…. Here’s what Ewan said:

to celebrate the release of my downtempo ep ‘mildebeats’ on dusted wax kingdom, i’ve made a 100% vinyl mix inspired by tropical beaches. sit back and unwind… then go and download the ep for free


01. arthur lyman – moon of mankind
02. sangkaka degung – kaleran
03. john heartsman and circles – a day in the life of a fool
04. arif mardin – yesteryear
05. poco – don’t let it pass by
06. dj shadow – this time (i’m gonna dub it my way)
07. dwilt sharp feat. lorette fleur – i need you close
08. nina simone (dj obah’s recycled funk mix) – four women
09. david isaac (dubber unknown) – gift of dub
10. darondo – you gotta let my people go
11. shirley-ann lee – there’s a light
12. marlena shaw – california soul
13. kenny salmon – get up and go
14. kid koala – annie’s parlour
15. booker t and the mcs – ode to billie jo
16. air – mr man
17. buddy rich and players – new blues
18. minnie riperton – inside my love
19. boca 45 feat. marc gouvin – creme de la creme
17. rjd2 – ghostwriter
18. ike & tine turner – feel good
19. cher – sittin on the dock of the bay
20. georgie fame – sunny
21. georgie fame – sunny (ewan hoozami remix)
22. whichcraft’s ewan hooz’ outro

artwork by m-i-n-i-m-e

The download link is from, a other mixtape blog I also really recommend. The orginal post is from here.


Quiet Fish in the Mix

August 10, 2010

I have been asked to post some more jazzy mixtapes so here it comes… Quiet Fish have really good sense about moody jazz vibes. Here is two mixtapes from him. Jazz in the House contains ofcourse deep house beats with really nice jazz flavours and Night Cafe is all about broken beats and NuJazz. Enjoy…

I didn’t get the share widget to work so you can get to the mixtapes from HERE


DJ Soo – Adult Contemporary vol. 1 & 2

July 7, 2010

Let the DJ say it himself…

I originally made this mix as an Xmas gift for his parents. A heady mix of downtempo, jazzy hiphop, housey grooves, and much more. If you enjoy this mix, you’re probably getting old. I’m kidding of course.
… Or am I?

In keeping with the theme of aging themes, this mix also has the distinction of being the very last vinyl-only studio mix I’ve done.

Adult Contemporary vol. 1 Jan, 2007

Download here

[01] Spacek feat. Mos Def – Eve (J-Dilla Remix)
[02] Big Bud – Just Can’t Hold Me Down – [Sound Trax]
[03] Blu Bizness – Funky For You – [OM]
[04] Jazz Liberatorz – Loop Prisoner – [KIF Music]
[05] Mawglee – Sofa – [Bastard Jazz]
[06] The Herbaliser – Repetitive Loop (Reloop) – Ninja Tune
[07] Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick – [Elektra]
[08] Cut Chemist – The Garden – [WB]
[09] Eli Goulart E Banda Do Mato – Destino (Ben Human Rework) – [Unique]
[10] Hydroponic Sound System – Modern Atmosperes – [Swedish Brandy]
[11] The Latin Project – En Fuego (Nickodemus & Osiris remix part 1) – [Giant Step]
[12] Zeb – The Circle (Jugoe Remix) – [Wonderwheel]
[13] Dublex Inc. – Tango Forte (IC rmx) – [Pulver]
[14] Bellcrash – Ghostwritten (Shanti Roots remix) – [Sunshine Enterprises]
[15] Quantic & Mr. Scruff – Giraffe Walk – [Tru Thoughts]
[16] Easylifenatural feat. Eric Sumo – Grasshopper – [Wah Wah 45s]
[17] Gladys Knight & The Pips – I Heard It Through The Grapevine (The Randy Watson Experience Sympathy For The Grapes Mix) – [Motown]
[18] Alice Russell ft. TM Juke – Hurry Home – [Tru Thoughts]
[19] J Mage – Crazy Heart (510 club mix) – [Listen Labs]
[20] Other Worlds – The Beat Suite (Phase I Phase II) – [Other Worlds]
[21] Dutch Rhythm Combo feat. Annik – Come On – [Pulver]
[22] Freaks – Switchin Channels – [Music For Freaks]
[23] Acetate ft. Sam Wood – No Need (2Sinners Breaks mix) – [Circuit]
[24] Herbert – The Audience – [Soundslike]
[25] Crazy P – Warm On The Inside – [Shiva]
[26] Chinese Man Records – You Suck Me – [Chinese Man Records]
[27] The Rootsman – Ta Travudia – [Wonderwheel]

This is follow-up to an older downtempo mix I made a couple years back ( I’ve been on a bit of a jazz kick lately and this was ultimately the result. Best enjoyed in dark, smokey lounges, whilst wearing a fedora and sipping on cognac.

DJ Soo (

Adult Contemporary vol. 2: It’s a Jazz Thing


1. Intro
2. Nostalgia 77 – Stop To Make A Change
3. Medinski Martin & Wood – Riffin’ Ed
4. Seven Samurai – Bluesanova
5. Mocean Worker – Velvet Black Sky
6. Paul Anka – Wonderwall
7. Lou Donaldson – Pot Belly
8. BullJun – Lil Mo Coke
9. Gotan Project – Época
10. Shirley Bassey – Light My Fire (Kenny Dope remix)
11. UN-CUT – Midnight (Waiwan remix)
12. Mr. Scruff – Music Takes Me Up
13. Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra – Stars & Rockets (Spiritual South remix)
14. All Good Funk Alliance – Who’s That
15. Andre Dreejard feat. May Yamani – Cookin’
16. Alif Tree – Forgotten Places
17. Bonobo – In Between The Lines (Nostalgia 77 remix)
18. Leisure Allstars – How We Roll
19. Smoove – Jazz Mags
20. Shirley Bassey – Where Do I Begin (Away Team remix)
21. Erykah Badu – Cleva (Captain Planet Remix)
22. Mo’ Horizens – Green Day
23. Mo’Horizons – Green Day (Una Mas Trio remix)
24. Sunshine State – Day Job (Alister Johnson Remix)
25. Us3 – Much 2 Much
26. Michael Jackson – Can’t Help It (Tangoterje edit)
27. Zero dB – Te Quiero (Atfc Extended Remix)
28. Amp Fiddler feat. Corinne Bailey Rae – If I Don’t
29. Vince Guaraldi Trio – Greensleeves


Funkin’ Up Mix vol. 1 – Moody BudaBeats mixed by M-za

July 6, 2010

Funkin’ Up Mix vol. 1 – Moody BudaBeats mixed by M-za – chill out moody nujazz and brokenbeats.

All tracks are from BudaBeats netlabel and are free to download from
Big thanks to all the artist that have made these great tracks and are giving them away for free!

Listen/Download HERE


1) Klitbeats -Stay
2) Klitbeats -The Morning After
3) Ez A Divat -!ofun !ofun (original)
4) Sliptone -Don’t Stop
5) Suhov -Different
6) Suhov -Over
7) Sliptone -Melos Liberals
8 ) Suhov -Funny
9) Suhov -Clear
10) Artner -Translate
11) Artner -Fifthyone
12) Artner -Episode 1
13) Kovacs -Jazz.zene
14) Suhov -Moonhill
15) M.W.D. -Rico
16) Artner -Rock!Roll

Somewhere couple of “slippery slides” but hey, that’s life. Please enjoy.


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