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Concussion shows by M-za

July 24, 2010

Hi ppl!

I just uploaded the last Concussion show that I aired and I thought  that I should make a post that includes a dubstep show and a DnB show by me so you people can get easily good picture what my Concussion sets are all about.  Enjoy and have a peek also to our Concussion crew website.


Because elysion is havin’ vacation at Japan I had to throw the DnB show by myself  and I have to say it was a tuff call. Usually I’m not playing DnB except some random tunes and gathering full 2 hour show of DnB was challenging job. But I really enjoyed it when airing the show. So here is a collection of my favourite DnB stuff. Firstly some old sounds of Jump Up evolving towards some heaviers tracks and then last hour of pure ragga vibes. Somewhere a little shaky blends because I had to keep also the propaganda machinery working by myself during the show.

Concussion show @ NuBreaks. com aired on monday Jul 19 2010 :: Listen / Download here :: 2 hours / 107 Mb

M-za playing 2 hour DnB radioshow


1. Concussion intro
2. P-Funk aka Pascal – P-Funk Era
3. Remarc – in da hood (Shy FX remix)
4. Remarc – Single Finga Killa
5. Aphrodite/JB’s – BM Funkster
6. Amazon 2 – Music Hypnotizing
7. Amazon 2 – King of The Beats
8. Logistics – Jungle Music
9. Natural Born Chillers – Rock the Funky Beats
10. Dose – Say it again
11. Large Mouth – Bite
12. Survival – Secrets
13. Survival – Wasted Time
14. Dose – Can you see
15. Klute – Can’t see the Grooves
16. Scam – Digital
17. REBEL MC – Wardance (Serial Killaz remix)
18. Badweed – Likkle Bwoy
19. Top Cat & Tenor Fly – Mr Undertaker (Serial Killaz mix)
20. Shy FX & T Power – Everyday (feat Top Cat)
21. VISIONARY feat PETER RANKING – Sukiyaki (original vocal mix)
23. Earsut – Under Mi Sensi
24. DJ Deekline, Ed Solo & Simon M – Sugar Me
25. Mir Crew – Special Request
26. Top Cat & Panic & M-Rode – A Friend In Need (Panik & M-Rode mix)
27. VISIONARY feat PETER RANKING – Girlfriend
28. DELANO – Big Bad & Heavy (Logistics remix)
29. EPEAK – Bam Bam (version)
30. DEEKLINE/ED SOLO – Top Rankin
31. DiegoJah – Him Cyaan (Mir Crew remix)
32. DEEKLINE – I Don’t Smoke (Deekline & Ed Solo vs System remix)
33. FLARE – Come Around
34. The COUNT & SINDEN – Strange Things (High Rankin’s Junglist Gentleman remix)
35. VISIONARY, Marcus feat JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Musical Murderation
36. Reso – Mind Games

Concussion show aired on June 7 2010 :: Listen / Download here :: 2 hours / 113 Mb

M-za playing 2 hour dubstep radioshow


Concussion intro
Quark – Lost Dubs
L-Wiz – Amy Diamond
Droid – Eather
Vesicle – We Are Lost [dub]
Reso – Hemisphere
Myrkur – Darko
Adapt – Nostalgia
Bankster – Devil Dub
6Blocc – No Worries
Lung – Flight 19 [dub]
Martyn – Suburbia
Sully – Duke St. Dub
Twisted – Drawn Deep
Mungos Hi-Fi – International Roots feat. Earl 16 (LD remix)
Von D – Miss Maui feat. Moxy Phinx
LD – Traumatic Times
Ganja White Night – Peace By Fear
Rusko – Jahova
Cotti – Rise the Temperature
Joker – Do It
Ed West – The Ding
Fused Forces – Ugly Face
Booka Shade – Regenerate (Omega Remix)
Flux Pavilion – Night Goes On
Drop n Roll – Sub It
Clouds & Natural Marcus – Mighty Eyeball Rays
Antiserum & Dubsworth – Ugly Mon
Metallica – Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar remixxx)
Conquest – Forever

Release date: Jun 7, 2010


Ragga Biznizz by little monster

May 28, 2010

I found this “little monster” from soundcloud and noticed that she got some banging ragga mixes from reggae to jungle. And even one ragga nubreaks mix wich one I really enjoyed. All these mixtapes are containing massive basslines and mindblowing ragga lyrics. Here’s all what she got on her soundcloud. check out and enjoy

– M-za

little monster – Phat tunes, rude bass & feet stomping beats!

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