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Groovy Goose snips from M-za

March 23, 2011

I just found some older recordings from the Groovy Goose nights from my computer so here comes some nice music for you!

From the first ever Groovy Goose I snipped out this short piece of groovy funk beats. New and old, originals and edits, here and there including Japanese funk, hits from Rufus Thomas, Willie Hutch etc…

M-za’s Funk set @ Groovy Goose Jan 23th 2010

Listen/Download HERE


This one is from second ever organized Goose where I played quite interesting set blending deep funky beats and some atmospheric HipHop treats. Gotta say that mixing is not so well that nowadays but there is definitely some really nice blends also – and tunes. Gotta take some of these ones with me to the next Groovy Goose which is going to be on MAYDAY!!

M-za’s Funk and HipHop set @ Groovy Goose March 6th 2010

Listen/Download HERE


And then comes some never stuff. This one is snipped out of the recordings from the last Groovy Goose (March 12th 2011) where we played quite a variety of music from finnish jazz to disco and deep house, and ofcourse these kinds of ethnic sounds.
So this one hour set is all about polyrhythmic afrobeat grooves from the 70’s with a touch of psychedelic rock sounds. These afrobeats and rocks are mostly from Nigeria but there is couple of tunes also from Brazil and India.

M-za’s Afro-beat/(psy)rock set @ Groovy Goose March 12th 2011

Listen/Download HERE


Remember also to check out the full night recordings from 2010 Halloween night’s Goose from HERE


Suomi Groove !

February 6, 2011

This one is all about Finnish old groovy music – Suomi Groove! These are my favourite mixtapes for long roadtrips and they bring up a lot of good memories because of that. Enjoy the ride and check out also the original posts and links from the DJ’s…

Here’s a poster (made by Herman Prime) for an event that I organized a while ago. This picture is just something that describes this music perfectly…

Lapakko – Suomigoove

Listen / Download

1. Carola – Ei aina käy niinkuin haaveillaan
2. Lasse Mårtenson – Kunnian kahleet
3. Sini & Timo – Arkiaamuun
4. Kirka – Oh New York rakkain
5. Cascade – Lanteet keinuu
6. Esa Nieminen – Jo vain
7. Markku Laamanen – Et kai ymmärrä minua väärin
8. Eero Raittinen – Rakkaudelta näyttää hitto vie
9. Ann Christine, Ulla ja Tiina – Liian monta päivää
10. Kirka – Pitkän tien pää
11. Ami – Syöttö mulla – pallo sulla
12. Danny – Seikkailija
13. Taiska – Systeemi
14. Markku Aro – Pois sun vien
15. Vicky Rosti – Soita kelloain
16. Satu – Tuus vähäsen lähemmäs
17. Kirka – Venus
18. Markku Aro – Anna aikaa
19. Lasse Mårtenson – Kukka hiuksissaan

Jukola – Suomi Groove vol. 1 & 2

Original posts @ Vol. 1 – Vol. 2

Vol. 1

01 Rica Lewis – Beat time for Youngsters
02 Kirka – Igor
03 Vicky – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – TULTA! -> Steel City – Salamoi
04 Sini & Timo – Kaikkeuden Sointi
05 Jussi Halme – Funny Funk
06 Erkki Välilä – Seksikkäin
07 Jakke ja Jokke & Seikkailijat – Tunteen Sain
08 Paul Fagerlund – Kung Fu Taistelee
09 Kirka – Okolona River Bottom Band
10 Hector – Asfalttiprinssi
11 SoulSet – Ahdistus
12 Juice – Ota Munat Mukaan
13 Sam Coast & The Monsters – Drum Shake
14 Eppu Normaali – Viimeinen Funk
15 Vesa-Matti Loiri – Hyvää, Hyvää Iltaa
16 Fredi – Kun Ilta Hämärtyy

Vol. 2

01 Pepe Willberg & Paradise – Aamu
02 Eero Raittinen – Jokeri
03 Four Cats – Painu Pois, Jack
04 Danny – Painajainen
05 Jaakko Salon Yhtye, Heartaches – Have a Good Time
06 Ritva Oksanen – Tuli Mies
07 Cascade – Toisin Käy
08 Kisu – Jotain En Saa Enää
09 Lea Laven – Hävytön Mies
10 Pauliina – Mistä Saisin Miljoonan
11 Petri – Ei Enempää Voi Pyytää
12 Kirka – Antero ja Inkeri
13 Silhuetit – Maa on Meidän
14 Markku Aro – Anna Aikaa
15 The Potatoes – Kesäkatu -> Danny – Kesäkatu
16 Silja Line – Silja a Go Go (Jukola Edit)
17 Mari Laurila – Mä Leikin Kissaa
18 Katri Helena – Vanhat Filmit
19 Erkki Liikanen – Yksin En Ylene Ylemmä
20 Castanja – Hyvää Yötä

Hiihtopipo & Kavallus @ BassoRadio – Suomi Spesiaalit

tracklists and listen/download behind the following links:

– SuomiSpesiaali part I

– SuomiSpesiaali part II

– SuomiSpesiaali part III

– SuomiSpeciaali part IV

– SuomiSpesiaali part V

– SuomiSpesiaali part VI

– SuomiSpesiaali part VII

– SuomiSpesiaali part VIII

ps. To be honest I haven’t listened yet the last 3 SuomiSpesiaali’s, just found them when surfing through internet trying to find these links. But I’m not afraid to post them anyhow, these guys know what they are doing 😉


Mark Wayward – Wayward Soul (Funk, Soul, Psych)

February 4, 2011

I found this mixtape by accident this morning when I was at a bus and tried to hit some other mix in soundcloud with my phone. Well I missed the push, but I was really lucky because this is hot! Just the sound that I have been feelin’ for some time now. Old funk and soul, some nice speech breakdowns and couple of the tracks have great psych wibes. Enjoy.

Wayward Soul by Mark Wayward

This is something I’ve wanted to put together for a while now, a mixtape-style affair featuring a bunch of new edits, breaks, loops and some of my favourite funky things. I’ll be uploading some of the tracks individually as well.

Anyway I’m pleased with how it’s turned out and I hope you like it too.


Mark Wayward – The Simplest Sound
Baris Manco – Sari Cizmeli Mehmet Aga (Edit)
Ersen – Gunese Don Cicegim (Edit)
Monk Montgomery – Fuselage (Part II)
Rosetta Hightower – Big Bird
Serge Gainsbourg – La Horse
Snooky Takes a Break
The Crystal Mansion – Somebody Oughta’ Turn Your Head Around
A Group Called Smith – I Just Wanna Make Love to You (Edit)
The Roe-O-Tation – Special Category (extended break)
Chairmen of the Board – So Glad You’re Mine (Edit)
Gotta Find a Way
Joann Garrett – It’s No Secret
Finnish Big Band Jazz – No Comment (Edit)
Herbie on the Rhodes
Henryk Debick – Khameleon
David Axelrod – 1000 Rads
Lonnie Hewitt – It’s Me
William Stuckey – The First Time (Edit)
Is it Good Enough For Ya?
Benji’s Beat
Great Pride – She’s a Lady (Edit)
Can You Feel the Music?
The Ultimates – Have You Ever (That’s What it Means)
Barbara Acklin – Love You Are Mine Today
Annette Poindexter & Pieces of Peace – Wayward Dream
Mark Wayward – The Curtom Call


Groovy Goose’s Halloween

November 2, 2010

Been a while but here we come again. Here’s mine and DJ freeve’s Groovy Goose recordings from last saturday. Night was quite jazzy whole the time. Great stuff. Totaly unedited, just cutted in smaller pieces for easier listening for ipods etc.






for more Groovy Goose treats just search from the archieves 😉


‘No Static At All’ by Featurecast

August 17, 2010

This one is hot! A Megamix by Featurecast way back from 2006… Just take a look to the tracklist and push the download button and go crazy! Here’s so dope beats and raps that your pants ain’t going to keep up on the pace and in the same time the mix have also some really nice mood on it. Huh, this is really something..

No Static At All by Featurecast

hiphop mashup funk breaks d&B goodgroove featurecast house mix channel bombstrikes dj remix

First ever Featurecast mix from 2006 (i think?). Thought id upload this again incase some people never got a chance to hear it.

Featurecast Intro
Gorillaz-“Dirty Harry” (Acapella)
UMC’s-“Woman Be Out”
James Brown- “My Thang”
Lords of the Under Ground-“Funky Child”
The Game ft. 50 Cent-“How We Do”” (Acapella)
Gang Starr-“Now Youy’re Mine”
Steady B-“Stupid Fresh”
James Brown-“Funky Drummer” (Listen to the MURO Mix)
Disco 3-“Human Beatbox”
Run DMC-“King of Rock”
Run DMC-“Sucker MC’s”
Red Astaire-“Feel The Horns Blow”
Milk-“Get Off My Log”
Stetsasonic-“Sally” (Acapella)
Toots-“Funky Kingston”
The Pharcyde-“Passing Me By” (Acapella)
Kate Bush-“Cloudbusting”
Lake Siders-“Fantastic Voyage”
The Beasties-“Word to the Mic”
DJ Day-“Gone Bad” (Beats)
DJ Day-“Gone Bad”
Jurassic 5-“Acapella”
Kasabian-“Processed Beats”
Leaders of the New School-“Can’t Get Any Harder”
Young MC-“Fastest Rhyme”
A Skillz-“Come Alive”
Michael Jackson-“Smooth Criminal” (Acapella)
George Duke-“I Am for Real”
Dynamo Productions-“Get It Together”
The Jungle Brothers-“Down with the J Beez” (Acapella)
Bob and Tom-“Country Jin And Juice”
Cold Crush Brothers-“It’s the Cold Crush”
Prince-“Pussy Control”
Trevor Whatever-“Now I am Ready”
Dublex Inc-“Bienvenido”
Dublex Inc-“Repercussion”
Beat Conductor-“On the Floor”
Leroy Smart-“God Helps the Man”
Lauryn Hill-“Doo Wop” (Acapella)
Take It Down
Digital Minds-“Beautiful Tones”
Gorillaz-“Feel Good Inc” (Acapella)
The Sound Republic-“Fart Mouth Mikey”
Pete Rock and CL Smooth-“The Creator”
Das EFX-“Rap Scholar” (Featurecast’s Jelly Babes Rework)
Dr. Luke-“Purple Work”
Doobie Brothers-“Long Train Running”
Jem Stone-“Ivory Toast”
Krafty Kutz-“Bass Phenomenon”
Busta Rhymes-“Touch It” (Acapella)
Lester-“Big Turk”
Biochip C-“Break”
DJ Magic Mike-“Drop The Bass”
Outcast-“Bombs Over Bagdad”
Cyantific-“Ghetto Blaster”
Notorious B.I.G.-“Juicy” (Acapella)
Optiv-“Tunnel Vision”
DJ Fresh-“Submarines”


Sounds from Ewan Hoozami

August 15, 2010

Here comes yet another chillout mixtape I have been diggin’ out on these lazy and maybe even too warm summer days. This time mixtape is from Ewan Hoozami, a guy who you should check out. Just got really dope track released by Big M productions and he also released a chillout triphop, downtempo EP called Mildebeats. Check it out here, it’s free 😉

And the mixtape…. Here’s what Ewan said:

to celebrate the release of my downtempo ep ‘mildebeats’ on dusted wax kingdom, i’ve made a 100% vinyl mix inspired by tropical beaches. sit back and unwind… then go and download the ep for free


01. arthur lyman – moon of mankind
02. sangkaka degung – kaleran
03. john heartsman and circles – a day in the life of a fool
04. arif mardin – yesteryear
05. poco – don’t let it pass by
06. dj shadow – this time (i’m gonna dub it my way)
07. dwilt sharp feat. lorette fleur – i need you close
08. nina simone (dj obah’s recycled funk mix) – four women
09. david isaac (dubber unknown) – gift of dub
10. darondo – you gotta let my people go
11. shirley-ann lee – there’s a light
12. marlena shaw – california soul
13. kenny salmon – get up and go
14. kid koala – annie’s parlour
15. booker t and the mcs – ode to billie jo
16. air – mr man
17. buddy rich and players – new blues
18. minnie riperton – inside my love
19. boca 45 feat. marc gouvin – creme de la creme
17. rjd2 – ghostwriter
18. ike & tine turner – feel good
19. cher – sittin on the dock of the bay
20. georgie fame – sunny
21. georgie fame – sunny (ewan hoozami remix)
22. whichcraft’s ewan hooz’ outro

artwork by m-i-n-i-m-e

The download link is from, a other mixtape blog I also really recommend. The orginal post is from here.


theroom_tv 04/20/10

July 6, 2010

I was checkin’ out the tokyo gig guide just for fun and I found this nice funk live recording. The Room is a club at Shibuya, Tokyo and there seems to be really great hiphop, funk and jazz events and they have made live video of the shows through ustream. Here’s  one one of them…

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