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Quiet Fish in the Mix

August 10, 2010

I have been asked to post some more jazzy mixtapes so here it comes… Quiet Fish have really good sense about moody jazz vibes. Here is two mixtapes from him. Jazz in the House contains ofcourse deep house beats with really nice jazz flavours and Night Cafe is all about broken beats and NuJazz. Enjoy…

I didn’t get the share widget to work so you can get to the mixtapes from HERE


Funkin’ Up Mix vol. 1 – Moody BudaBeats mixed by M-za

July 6, 2010

Funkin’ Up Mix vol. 1 – Moody BudaBeats mixed by M-za – chill out moody nujazz and brokenbeats.

All tracks are from BudaBeats netlabel and are free to download from
Big thanks to all the artist that have made these great tracks and are giving them away for free!

Listen/Download HERE


1) Klitbeats -Stay
2) Klitbeats -The Morning After
3) Ez A Divat -!ofun !ofun (original)
4) Sliptone -Don’t Stop
5) Suhov -Different
6) Suhov -Over
7) Sliptone -Melos Liberals
8 ) Suhov -Funny
9) Suhov -Clear
10) Artner -Translate
11) Artner -Fifthyone
12) Artner -Episode 1
13) Kovacs -Jazz.zene
14) Suhov -Moonhill
15) M.W.D. -Rico
16) Artner -Rock!Roll

Somewhere couple of “slippery slides” but hey, that’s life. Please enjoy.


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