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Groovy Goose snips from M-za

March 23, 2011

I just found some older recordings from the Groovy Goose nights from my computer so here comes some nice music for you!

From the first ever Groovy Goose I snipped out this short piece of groovy funk beats. New and old, originals and edits, here and there including Japanese funk, hits from Rufus Thomas, Willie Hutch etc…

M-za’s Funk set @ Groovy Goose Jan 23th 2010

Listen/Download HERE


This one is from second ever organized Goose where I played quite interesting set blending deep funky beats and some atmospheric HipHop treats. Gotta say that mixing is not so well that nowadays but there is definitely some really nice blends also – and tunes. Gotta take some of these ones with me to the next Groovy Goose which is going to be on MAYDAY!!

M-za’s Funk and HipHop set @ Groovy Goose March 6th 2010

Listen/Download HERE


And then comes some never stuff. This one is snipped out of the recordings from the last Groovy Goose (March 12th 2011) where we played quite a variety of music from finnish jazz to disco and deep house, and ofcourse these kinds of ethnic sounds.
So this one hour set is all about polyrhythmic afrobeat grooves from the 70’s with a touch of psychedelic rock sounds. These afrobeats and rocks are mostly from Nigeria but there is couple of tunes also from Brazil and India.

M-za’s Afro-beat/(psy)rock set @ Groovy Goose March 12th 2011

Listen/Download HERE


Remember also to check out the full night recordings from 2010 Halloween night’s Goose from HERE


Reset* – Slo House 003

July 6, 2010

Nice and mellow slo mo deep house with a cosmic spacey tackle…

1. Eddie C – Space Cadet – Sleazy Beats Recordings
2. Woolfy vs Projections – Isabella – Permanent Vacation
3. Dølle Jølle – Balearic Incarnation (Todd Terje’s Extra Doll Mix) – Permanent Vacation
4. Toby Tobias – The Feeling (I:Cube remix) – ReKids
5. Tensnake – Congolal – Endless Flight
6. I:Cube – Falling – Versatile Records
7. Mano Le Tough – Eurodancer (Tensnake Remix) – Mirau Musik
8. Toby Tobias – In Your Eyes (Tensnake Remix) – ReKids
9. Mano Le Tough – Oblique (Chateau Flight Remix) – Versatile Records
10. Mademoiselle Caro & Franck Garcia : Soldiers (The Revenge Remix) – Buzzin’ Fly


Disco Lazy Mix by Tal M Klein

May 28, 2010

Disco Lazy Mix by Tal M Klein

deep disco deephouse nudisco nudiscodiscodeep drunkfunk talmklein

a Sccucci Manucci exclusive!

all vinyl midtempo deep disco stuff recorded at a recent gig.. not the cleanest recording ever, but still very listenable. you’ll like it 🙂


Vangelis – Let It Happen (Beatfanatic’s Balearic Boogie remix) – GAMM
Baris K – Honki Ponki – Disco Hammam
Stupid Human – Swamp Funk – Stupid Human
Blackjoy – D Rhapsody (Joie Noire re-edit) – D Classics
Shoes – Summertime Groove – Shoes
Rubber Room – Taliban Discotheque – Disco Devil
20th Century Steel Band – Heaven & Hell Is On Earth (radio edit) – Mr. Bongo
Joubert Singers – Stand On The Word (Hot Coins remix) – Tirk
The Revenge – Looking Up To You – MCDE
Faux Love – I Wanna Pee With You – Faux Love
Brinton McKay – Track 1 – Mystery Meat
Amplified Orchestra – Sugar Honey Baby – Amplified
The Phenomenal Handclap Band – 15 to 20 (Anthony Mansfield’s Disco remix) – Hector Works

Released by: Sccucci Manucci

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