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I Walks With God – special Mike Dunn mix

May 28, 2010

This kind of a things just enforced me to start like house – a house music! A wonderful Mike Dunn tribute mix by Holy Moly DJs from Helsinki. Big ups guys!

I Walks With God – special Mike Dunn mix

Mike Dunn House Chicago Jackin Acid Holy Moly

This mix is our tribute to the one and only Mike Dunn!

“I Walks With God” by Holy Moly DJs

1. Phreaky MF (Original Phreak Mix)
2. Nothing Stays The Same (L.R. Routing Mix)
3. I Know, I Know (Ron’s Groove mix)
4. This Here Is House Muzik (Mike Dunn Main Vocal Mixx)
5. The Pressure Cooker (Pressure Moan Mix)
6. Na Na Na (I Walks With God) (Mike Dunn Main Vocal Mixx)
7. God Made Me Phunky
8. Feel The Muzik (Mike Dunn’s BlackBall Mixx)
9. Can I Turn It Up (Vox Mix)
10.Git Cho House On [Children] (Chocolate Puma remix)
11.So Let It Be Houze

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