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‘No Static At All’ by Featurecast

August 17, 2010

This one is hot! A Megamix by Featurecast way back from 2006… Just take a look to the tracklist and push the download button and go crazy! Here’s so dope beats and raps that your pants ain’t going to keep up on the pace and in the same time the mix have also some really nice mood on it. Huh, this is really something..

No Static At All by Featurecast

hiphop mashup funk breaks d&B goodgroove featurecast house mix channel bombstrikes dj remix

First ever Featurecast mix from 2006 (i think?). Thought id upload this again incase some people never got a chance to hear it.

Featurecast Intro
Gorillaz-“Dirty Harry” (Acapella)
UMC’s-“Woman Be Out”
James Brown- “My Thang”
Lords of the Under Ground-“Funky Child”
The Game ft. 50 Cent-“How We Do”” (Acapella)
Gang Starr-“Now Youy’re Mine”
Steady B-“Stupid Fresh”
James Brown-“Funky Drummer” (Listen to the MURO Mix)
Disco 3-“Human Beatbox”
Run DMC-“King of Rock”
Run DMC-“Sucker MC’s”
Red Astaire-“Feel The Horns Blow”
Milk-“Get Off My Log”
Stetsasonic-“Sally” (Acapella)
Toots-“Funky Kingston”
The Pharcyde-“Passing Me By” (Acapella)
Kate Bush-“Cloudbusting”
Lake Siders-“Fantastic Voyage”
The Beasties-“Word to the Mic”
DJ Day-“Gone Bad” (Beats)
DJ Day-“Gone Bad”
Jurassic 5-“Acapella”
Kasabian-“Processed Beats”
Leaders of the New School-“Can’t Get Any Harder”
Young MC-“Fastest Rhyme”
A Skillz-“Come Alive”
Michael Jackson-“Smooth Criminal” (Acapella)
George Duke-“I Am for Real”
Dynamo Productions-“Get It Together”
The Jungle Brothers-“Down with the J Beez” (Acapella)
Bob and Tom-“Country Jin And Juice”
Cold Crush Brothers-“It’s the Cold Crush”
Prince-“Pussy Control”
Trevor Whatever-“Now I am Ready”
Dublex Inc-“Bienvenido”
Dublex Inc-“Repercussion”
Beat Conductor-“On the Floor”
Leroy Smart-“God Helps the Man”
Lauryn Hill-“Doo Wop” (Acapella)
Take It Down
Digital Minds-“Beautiful Tones”
Gorillaz-“Feel Good Inc” (Acapella)
The Sound Republic-“Fart Mouth Mikey”
Pete Rock and CL Smooth-“The Creator”
Das EFX-“Rap Scholar” (Featurecast’s Jelly Babes Rework)
Dr. Luke-“Purple Work”
Doobie Brothers-“Long Train Running”
Jem Stone-“Ivory Toast”
Krafty Kutz-“Bass Phenomenon”
Busta Rhymes-“Touch It” (Acapella)
Lester-“Big Turk”
Biochip C-“Break”
DJ Magic Mike-“Drop The Bass”
Outcast-“Bombs Over Bagdad”
Cyantific-“Ghetto Blaster”
Notorious B.I.G.-“Juicy” (Acapella)
Optiv-“Tunnel Vision”
DJ Fresh-“Submarines”


Concussion shows by M-za

July 24, 2010

Hi ppl!

I just uploaded the last Concussion show that I aired and I thought  that I should make a post that includes a dubstep show and a DnB show by me so you people can get easily good picture what my Concussion sets are all about.  Enjoy and have a peek also to our Concussion crew website.


Because elysion is havin’ vacation at Japan I had to throw the DnB show by myself  and I have to say it was a tuff call. Usually I’m not playing DnB except some random tunes and gathering full 2 hour show of DnB was challenging job. But I really enjoyed it when airing the show. So here is a collection of my favourite DnB stuff. Firstly some old sounds of Jump Up evolving towards some heaviers tracks and then last hour of pure ragga vibes. Somewhere a little shaky blends because I had to keep also the propaganda machinery working by myself during the show.

Concussion show @ NuBreaks. com aired on monday Jul 19 2010 :: Listen / Download here :: 2 hours / 107 Mb

M-za playing 2 hour DnB radioshow


1. Concussion intro
2. P-Funk aka Pascal – P-Funk Era
3. Remarc – in da hood (Shy FX remix)
4. Remarc – Single Finga Killa
5. Aphrodite/JB’s – BM Funkster
6. Amazon 2 – Music Hypnotizing
7. Amazon 2 – King of The Beats
8. Logistics – Jungle Music
9. Natural Born Chillers – Rock the Funky Beats
10. Dose – Say it again
11. Large Mouth – Bite
12. Survival – Secrets
13. Survival – Wasted Time
14. Dose – Can you see
15. Klute – Can’t see the Grooves
16. Scam – Digital
17. REBEL MC – Wardance (Serial Killaz remix)
18. Badweed – Likkle Bwoy
19. Top Cat & Tenor Fly – Mr Undertaker (Serial Killaz mix)
20. Shy FX & T Power – Everyday (feat Top Cat)
21. VISIONARY feat PETER RANKING – Sukiyaki (original vocal mix)
23. Earsut – Under Mi Sensi
24. DJ Deekline, Ed Solo & Simon M – Sugar Me
25. Mir Crew – Special Request
26. Top Cat & Panic & M-Rode – A Friend In Need (Panik & M-Rode mix)
27. VISIONARY feat PETER RANKING – Girlfriend
28. DELANO – Big Bad & Heavy (Logistics remix)
29. EPEAK – Bam Bam (version)
30. DEEKLINE/ED SOLO – Top Rankin
31. DiegoJah – Him Cyaan (Mir Crew remix)
32. DEEKLINE – I Don’t Smoke (Deekline & Ed Solo vs System remix)
33. FLARE – Come Around
34. The COUNT & SINDEN – Strange Things (High Rankin’s Junglist Gentleman remix)
35. VISIONARY, Marcus feat JOHNNY OSBOURNE – Musical Murderation
36. Reso – Mind Games

Concussion show aired on June 7 2010 :: Listen / Download here :: 2 hours / 113 Mb

M-za playing 2 hour dubstep radioshow


Concussion intro
Quark – Lost Dubs
L-Wiz – Amy Diamond
Droid – Eather
Vesicle – We Are Lost [dub]
Reso – Hemisphere
Myrkur – Darko
Adapt – Nostalgia
Bankster – Devil Dub
6Blocc – No Worries
Lung – Flight 19 [dub]
Martyn – Suburbia
Sully – Duke St. Dub
Twisted – Drawn Deep
Mungos Hi-Fi – International Roots feat. Earl 16 (LD remix)
Von D – Miss Maui feat. Moxy Phinx
LD – Traumatic Times
Ganja White Night – Peace By Fear
Rusko – Jahova
Cotti – Rise the Temperature
Joker – Do It
Ed West – The Ding
Fused Forces – Ugly Face
Booka Shade – Regenerate (Omega Remix)
Flux Pavilion – Night Goes On
Drop n Roll – Sub It
Clouds & Natural Marcus – Mighty Eyeball Rays
Antiserum & Dubsworth – Ugly Mon
Metallica – Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar remixxx)
Conquest – Forever

Release date: Jun 7, 2010


Gilles Peterson Brownswood Basement D&B Special

May 28, 2010

Once again. No fancy words – just music. For more Gilles Peterson go and check out

Brownswood Basement D&B Special

Strictly golden era D&B selected by Gilles Peterson and mixed by Alex Patchwork for his recent Brownswood Basement D&B Special. Approx. 40 tunes across 2 hours, some classics, some underground heaters and a couple of specials. No links, jingles or drops – just the music.

Click the “Tracks” tab on the Soundcloud player to download.

// Part 1

Source Direct – The Crane (Source Direct Recordings)
Aquarius – Aquatic (Good Looking)
Photek – Fusion (Photek)
DJ Hype – Hello Lover (DJ Trace Remix) (IQ Records)
LTJ Bukem – Horizons (Good Looking)
Peshay – Futurama (Basement)
4hero – Parallel Universe (Reinforced)
DJ Dextrous – Sunny Smiles…(People) (King Of The Jungle)
Lemon D – Urban Style Music (Metalheadz)
Roni Size Reprazent – Trust Me (Talkin Loud)
United Future Organisation – Loud Minority (Alex Reece Remix) (Talkin Loud)
Roni Size – It’s A Jazz Thing (V Recordings)
Fugees – Fu-Gee-La (Goldie Remix) (White)
Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Dubplate Version)
Adam F – Metropolis (Positiva)
Ed Rush & Optical – Zardoz (Virus)
Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn (Good Looking)
Wax Doctor – Never As Good (Talkin Loud)
Grooverider – Time & Space (Dubplate)

// Part 2

Innerzone Orchestra – Bug In The Bassbin (Planet E)
Original Playboys – Come To Me (Dubplate)
Scorpio feat. Leonie – Breakbeat Era (Full Cycle)
Roni Size – Music Box (Full Cycle)
Tom & Jerry – Maxi(mum) Style Booty Style – Part III (Shell)
Johnny One-Drop – Travelings (X Project Remix) (Talkin Loud)
Carlito – Carlito’s Way (Creative Source)
Fernanda Porta – Sambassim (DJ Patife Remix) (V Recordings)
UFO – Something Out There (Ray Keith Samba Mix)
Uncut – Midnight (Mist 2003 Mix) (Warner)
DJ Kane – Let’s Go To Work (Trouble On Vinyl)
Peshay – Switch (Island Blue)
Peshay – Miles From Home (Island Blue)
John Coltrane – Like Sonny (Peshay Remix) (Talkin Loud)
Underwolves – Under Your Sky (Origin Unknown Mix) (Island Blue)
Roni Size – Problems (Dubplate)
Calibre – Hypnotise (Soul:r)
Drumagick – Easy Boom (Sambaloco)
Alex Reece – Feel The Sunshine (4th & Broadway)
Krust – True Stories (Talkin Loud)


Ragga Biznizz by little monster

May 28, 2010

I found this “little monster” from soundcloud and noticed that she got some banging ragga mixes from reggae to jungle. And even one ragga nubreaks mix wich one I really enjoyed. All these mixtapes are containing massive basslines and mindblowing ragga lyrics. Here’s all what she got on her soundcloud. check out and enjoy

– M-za

little monster – Phat tunes, rude bass & feet stomping beats!


Mr Scruff’s mixtapes – a perfect sunday packet!

May 28, 2010

Perfect music for sunday chillin’ out…

Mr Scruff DJ mixes

soul funk house disco hip-hop jazz reggae dubstep drumnbass afrobeat latin

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